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The ecobutton! It saves more energy than your computer’s sleep mode drawing the same nominal power as when your monitor and computer are shut down.

Many people do not turn off their computers due to the time it takes to power back up. At the push of a button this device allows the user to instantly put the computer into “ecomode” which is the most energy efficient and lowest power mode available. This feature is extremely useful during the day when the computer will be left idle. Any time there’s an interruption in computer usage such as lunch breaks, meetings or unexpected extended phone communications all you have to do is press this button and you’ll be saving energy and money!

Simply press any key to disengage the computer from “ecomode”.

The ecobutton is illuminated serving as a helpful reminder to turn off all unnecessary power draws at the end of every day.

It is very important that everyone knows the specific energy efficiency goals and targets of your company. This item promotes eco awareness and directly demonstrates that you are actively participating in reducing electricity consumption and implementing better energy saving strategies that will decrease your carbon footprint.

Spending the greater portion of time in low-power mode not only saves energy but also helps equipment run cooler and actually last longer. It also creates additional savings with air conditioning systems that will not have to work as hard due to less heat being generated from continuous computer activity.

Computers and monitors typically account for half of the electricity used in an office. A common misconception is that screen savers reduce energy use. They do not. Automatic sleep mode or turning monitors off are proven to be the most efficient energy savers.

A good plan will provide you with a strategy for making smart purchases and improvements that maximize energy efficiency and save the most money. Look for energy saving Energy Star electronics for your home and office needs. An Energy Star computer uses 70% less electricity and when left inactive, Energy Star computers enter a low-power mode using 15 watts or less.

The key to achieve saving is to implement a whole-office energy efficiency plan to determine which parts of your office use the most energy. An energy audit can help pinpoint these areas in the office and suggest effective measures for cutting your energy costs.

Best of all you can personalize the ecobutton with your company information and logo! This ecofriendly product is made from recycled plastic and will work on any PC running Windows 2000, XP and Vista. There is an on screen counter that displays how much money and how much carbon it has saved every day.

The ecobutton is an easy and practical solution to saving energy and energy efficient improvements yield long-term financial rewards. Be sure to order yours today!

Author: Rob Stillman
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
Provided by: US Dollar credit card

Rob Stillman

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