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As winter is approaching, it’s important to find ways to cut back on the heating costs that oftenshock us when we receive the bills.In thesedifficult economic times, what are some ways to reduce the cost of heating the home? By analyzing these we can instead usethe money saved for family time or other entertainments.

First of all, it’s important to evaluate the heating equipment.Is it in good condition?Is yourplacefull of drafts?Do youremember the last time you cleaned your furnace filter?it ishelpful to consider your general energy consumption status. This requires auditing by an expert. Utility companies often offer energy audits for free.By contacting them to help you can determine which are the areas of heat loss plus pick up other ideas they recommend for your situation.

Reducing energy loss at home is essential to a good plan. Putting weather stripping around doors and windows andcaulking cracks are agood start. Walk around your home and see where the leaks are. Ask your kids as they may be very aware of the weak spots in the home insulation system.

Because many older heaters use energy inefficiently, it may be worth it to invest in a new heater.Going into the home improvement department of shops can be a source of good information. Due to the economy you can pick up bargains and get advice from trained professionals. If they are focusing primarily on one brand, get a few opinions as some sales people are only looking at their commission as the priority.

Reduce your time in the shower, lower the temperature in the home, wear sweaters andkeepadjust thevents in rooms you don’t use often.Curtainscan also be helpful around windows for heat retention.By thinking of the money you can save, this canbe a great motivator for taking steps to reduce your heating bills.

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