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Plan to create an eco-friendly garden as your own private place to relax or entertain. Make it a special place where great memories are made with family and friends, an outdoor extension of your home where you can have informal barbecues or, on a grander scale, weddings or such like.

With global warming being in our consciousness, we now tend to make more of an effort to be eco-friendly when planning new projects.

Fortunately, a little knowledge and enthusiasm is enough to save you having to hire expensive professional help.

Much of the pleasure in having an eco-friendly garden comes from enjoying clean fresh air. Trees and grass are ideal for converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, providing a clean healthy atmosphere. A rich area of grass, whether lawn or a small wilderness patch prevents soil erosion.

If you are laying a lawn for the purpose of easy maintenance, get rid of all excessive weeds and insects. Eco-friendly pesticides will discourage worms. Be generous with fertilizing the grass — five or six times annually.

You may want to have an organic vegetable patch, a herb garden, fruit trees, berry bushes, etc., in your eco-friendly garden. Flowering plants add color. Creepers cover unattractive walls and for the smaller areas, attractive potted plants add beauty. Plants suited to your climate will grow more easily. Use fertilizers and pesticides that are eco-friendly, free of harmful chemicals.

Create your own compost from kitchen waste, adding paper and cardboard to the mix. If you have comfrey or nettles, add to the compost as they enrich it and speed up the process. Using your own compost is hugely satisfying.

Draw up your plan to capitalize on nature. An open area, whether lawn or paved, gives a spacious appearance. A pond or fountain may provide a focal point — water adds a sense of tranquility.

The pond will attract birds but it will also grow algae. Use an animal-friendly spray to clean off the algae as you don’t want to kill wild birds who visit your pond for a drink and to bathe. The birds that flock to your garden will keep it free of insects and worms.

Keep the pond free of debris and leaves. If you have fish in the pond they need to breathe freely.

A fountain will also need to be kept clean. Dirt gets trapped in the filter pipe so keep an eye on that so as not to damage the pump.

Arrange your plants well, choosing the right plants to thrive in your garden. Understanding nature is an art. Fortunately for the novice help is easily available to get your eco-friendly garden looking and feeling beautiful.

Author: Mike Ward
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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Mike Ward

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