Feb 042010

Versatile and incredibly varied, eco friendly products gradually become part of our lives. If very few green products were available ten years ago, now we can shop for gift ideas, green services, organic foods, green gifts, green clothes and even green appliances. Reuse, reduce, recycle, this is what defines a green lifestyle. The very preference for eco friendly products comes with a certain level of awareness or consciousness that involves consideration for the planet we live on and for the heritage we leave to the next generations.

Many of the items we use on a daily basis have eco friendly alternatives, but most of us have not even heard of them. A housewife could show resistance when it comes to changing an efficient chemical bleacher for a bio-based solvent. She will fear poor efficiency and will be reluctant to switch to eco friendly products. Thousands of other similar examples can be found in daily life. Even with the most convinced environmentalist you may still come across some ‘impossible to make’ changes. Unless we change mentality, it will be long before people start using eco friendly products regularly.

A cleaner Earth is not therefore possible without a change of paradigm. A person who is interested in using as many eco friendly products as possible, will also adapt the rest of the lifestyle habits to the green trend. Such a responsible human being would feel guilty for wasting electricity, water and fuel. The products are just one part of a larger phenomenon that touches on all aspects of our lives. Hybrid cars or electric vehicles, alternative heat and power sources, the replacement of incandescent bulbs with light-saving ones, all these are examples of transformations that are currently taking place.

Anyone can start using eco friendly products, and make the environmental exercise a daily practice. When families behave ecologically responsible, children will be exposed to a higher form of respect towards the environment, the planet and their personal health condition.This is how the green education is achieved: first at home and then at school. A child who grows with eco friendly products will become an environmentally responsible adult.

Author: Dani Waser
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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Dani Waser

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