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Are you planning for an upcoming party? Is there a holiday you plan to celebrate, a kid’s birthday or summer event or any other type of party you’re planning? If so, it can greatly benefit you to learn how to give an eco-friendly party.

The sad truth about parties is that most of full of many toxic attacks on both our planet and our well-being. But there are now more options than ever before when it comes to green parties for children and adults. You can find eco-friendly party supplies, goodie bags, treats for goodie bags, toys and more to make your eco-friendly party the best ever.

When you do purchase party supplies, choose a green supplier and make sure your items are eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable. To fully enjoy your eco friendly party, use green goodie bags with eco friendly treats and toys inside. You also need to be sure you wrap presents in recycled paper or newspaper. Remember it’s the gift inside that really matters- not the wrapping that will get torn up and thrown away anyway.

You can even use invitations and thank you cards made from recycled paper. Bring eco-friendly toys to the party for children to enjoy and use green party supplies instead of paper plates and dishes. While throw-away options may be more convenient, they are so at the cost of our environment.

With these tips you can throw both child and adult parties that are friendlier to the environment. That’s something you can really celebrate about!

Author: Lisa A Mason
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Lisa A Mason

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