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Consumption of seasonal and locally grown food has become one of the latest trends as far as the sustainable food movement is concerned. Consumers across the world are realizing the importance of buying food produce from local farm markets as health experts believe that local is healthy. If exotic fruits and vegetables available in the supermarket have travelled miles to reach the market it cannot be considered sustainable because it has resulted in burning of fuel and emission of greenhouse gases.

Growing sustainable food in kitchen gardens:

There are many consumers who have started growing vegetables and fruits in their gardens. This can be considered another latest trend in the context of sustainable food. In an attempt to encourage the production of organic produce Michelle Obama recently planted an organic garden in a 1,100 square foot plot at the White House. This is being considered one of the most remarkable efforts towards ensuring environmental sustainability.

Buying seasonal produce:

Another latest as sustainable food trend is the purchase of seasonal produce by consumers and restaurants. Several hotels and restaurants across the world are extending support to the environment and local farmers by purchasing locally grown fruits and vegetables. The entire menu includes recipes made from seasonal products. There are many people who want healthy food on the go as they don’t have the time to prepare. Supermarkets as well as restaurants are addressing this demand for the consumers and providing them sustainable food choices on the go. They have especially hired dieticians in order to consult with them and offer food items to the consumers. Some supermarkets have hired a dietician for shoppers so that they can consult on special diets and recipes that can be prepared with sustainably grown produce.

Today, organic food items are available in almost every regular supermarket. More consumers are showing interest in paying more for organic fruits, meat, vegetables and other food items. Consumers can buy quality organic products from local farm markets as well. The number of farm markets in the US has also increased to a great extent in the last few years, indicating the rise in interest for sustainable food.

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