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Wind turbines are an excellent choice for alternative energy. Many people picture the giant commercial units you see but home units can be made much smaller and can be made a part of any attractive landscape theme. If you plan to do a alternative power unit it is imperative that you consider the issues with each choice and plan for the amount of energy you will need.

A simple home energy audit will identify how much energy you use, how much energy you waste and ways to reduce the wasted energy so that you can size your alternative energy system to meet your true energy needs.

Once you have completed the energy audit and instituted the energy saving areas it identifies, you can begin looking at what type of system you wish to build or buy. Lets start with what you wish to accomplish. If 100% energy production is your goal then you will need to determine how to accomplish that. You would need to have electric heat and appliances so that you can produce the electric power. In addition you will need solar assisted hot water with an electric back up for low sun periods. If this is the goal then you will want to look at solar exposure, sun times, wind conditions and total generated requirements.

Start by going on line and getting a sun exposure calculation for your area. This is simple just type in sun exposure map and locate your area. Then do the same for wind conditions. These two items will allow you to see how much sun generated power you will be able to produce and then how much wind power you have to turn the wind turbine. You will want to plan to build or buy the number of solar panels that you have space for on your home or in an area of the yard that does not detract from your home.

The wind turbine can then be sized for the remaining power needs. The nice part about the wind turbine is that it will work whenever the wind is sufficient which can be day or night and could be for long periods of time in windy months. If you size the generator for max energy production based on turbine space and wind, you can produce a considerable amount of excess alternative energy. The benefits are that this excess can be sold back to the utility. Under Federal Law you are allowed to do so. Look on internet under Federal Energy Laws for further information. The utility will install a two way meter. In times where your turbine produces excess it spins the meter backwards and sells the power back. This gives you energy credits to use in off wind periods, low sun periods, and reduces your energy bill continuously.

By having a wind turbine-solar combination you can produce enough energy to be at zero utility bills. It is how I do mine and it is great. You can find the energy audit system I used as well as how to build a wind turbine and solar panels at http://WWW.energy-freeenergy-energytips.com. Enjoy free energy starting today!

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