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Business organizations have a very important role to play towards ensuring environmental sustainability. They need to come up with a business model that will not only be beneficial for the business but also contribute to safety of the environment. According to experts, environmental sustainability can be considered a strong basis to ensure sustainable development and the emphasis should be on environmental and social welfare along with economic growth. There is no doubt that sustained growth of an economy is not possible without considering the environmental aspect. Therefore, governments as well as companies across the world need to consider this aspect for better results.

In the last few years, one of the key policy issues that have gained tremendous importance is the environment. Thanks to the increased concern over environmental issues, stringent pollution targets are being set by governments across the world. Due to this, companies providing environmental solutions are also enjoying innovative market opportunities.

In order to ensure environmental sustainability, balance is required between ecological system protection, economic development and maintenance of cultural and social well being of communities. Business organizations can benefit from environmental sustainability to a great extent. It will not only reduce harmful impacts on air, water and land but also help them comply with statutory obligations. Developed as well as underdeveloped countries are addressing future environmental concerns and climate change and due to this it has become important for companies to incorporate this concept in sustainability policies. For instance companies such as PepsiCo Inc have been following a global strategy on environmental sustainability. The company has reduced the use of water and energy in order to reduce greenhouse gas emission and bring down the cost of waste and packaging.

The present need for small as well as large companies across the world is to strike a balance between sustainable business activities and natural systems. Today, only when a company’s business activities cause no damage to the environment, it will be considered better business. Natural resources should be used in a balanced manner so that the demands of future generation are also met.

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